Is it weird that I’m really excited over the fact that news have come out in a Japanese magazine about Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumato secretly dating for 9 years and there’s a rumor about them getting married? I finally watched the final movie for Hana Yori Dango after rewatching the series again and the very last scene with Domyouji and Makino on the island starting their new life with a kid has me fangirling.


My favorite summer meal, home-made.

All in one week my bike (a gift from my father) was stolen from me while I was volunteering at a women’s homeless shelter and the new used bike I bought a couple days later malfunctioned in the gears stopping my back tire and sending me flying over my handlebars and smashing my mouth into the gravel.

But I am not angry because things happen and through all this mayhem I met the kindest strangers. Although I now have to get two of my teeth completely replaced and one filled for a chip I realize my situation could’ve been a lot worse.

I’ve started reading the novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. In the first chapter, the author describes his life journeying from town to town by motorcycle and how different his view of the world is compared to trekking by foot or by car. Freely flowing wind enveloping your body, the ground whirring past in a blur but a couple inches is all that separates the earth and your feet.

These past few months in Boston, I’ve finally been able to get the hang of using my bicycle as my main transportation. Yesterday I covered nearly 23 miles from Allston to Cambridge to Roxbury to Brighton and back. The heat would have been profound but the wind cooled me down as I sped down hills. I could slow down and enjoy the scenery around me (while still being cautious) yet have the legal ability to speed up and pedal fast. I biked along thin alleyways, cobblestone roads, paved roads, grass. I stopped very often and lazed underneath the shade of a tree, visited a rooftop garden, napped there for awhile, sat on a river boardwalk bench and enjoyed watching kayak riders pass by - with no fear of having to catch a bus on time, or stand at a T stop for 20 minutes, or coming back to my car only to see a $30 fine for parking in the wrong spot.

It’s a great way to spend time when you aren’t sure of where you’re going, the ability to just get up and go.

Things people need to stop doing:

saying “why me”. pitying themselves. spreading negativity. wishing they could change things about their physical appearance that requires effort beyond changing your diet and exercise. thinking that things will go their way without any effort on their part. comparing themselves to others. feeling entitled. interrupting others when they are speaking. constantly thinking of themselves. spreading info without actually knowing the truth or looking it up. thinking that an “eye for an eye” actually works out in their favor. holding on to biases. saying “I hate to do this to you but” or “I don’t mean this but”. saying “I’m not racist but most people of the _____ ethnicity act ________ and that’s why they get treated that way.” being passive aggressive. beating around the bush. the fact that people in the good ‘ole u.s.a get butt hurt over stupid shit and think that white lies are okay as long as someone’s feelings are spared. blaming others all the time. stop with the lame excuses that are just a facade to hide behind. thinking you’re always right. thinking that anything that exists has an intrinsic quality because it does not. thinking their reality is everyone else’s reality. labeling everything, including yourself, how about instead of constantly changing your sexuality from lesbian to straight to bi back to lesbian then bi again just say “I’m human.” not forgiving because as the saying goes “holding on to anger is like feeding yourself poison and waiting for the enemy to die.” (or something like that.) being envious of others. droning themselves out in front of a tv. succumbing to weakness and saying you want to be healthy but you just love the taste of junk food (really tired of hearing that one). fearing the unknown. thinking everything is a game that you have to win. holding on to your ego. taking and never giving. thinking money equals happiness.

You can’t truly learn to love yourself and start a journey to enlightenment when you close your mind and hold onto negativity in your heart.

The love of my life has no nipples

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Tried convincing the manager of the restaurant I work at to compost but the only reply I got was “We’re not hippies here.”


lady of gems by eva soulu

Concept Design 2

Sometimes I never realize how much makeup some girls wear until I see them completely bare and they don’t look like ‘themselves.’ It’s very disorienting. 

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I love reading, but I dislike writing. So why I did become an art history major again?

Castello di Sammezzano, built in 1605. The most beautiful castle I’d ever laid eyes on (through photographs).

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I should have gone to school in a country with zero interest on loans for college. Like New Zealand. Now that I know what I know, I won’t let my siblings take out thousands of loans doing the same thing I am.