Waldorf Elementary School

5 am sunrise cemetery walks

Liliana’s beautifully furnished home in Keene, NH.

lol at the people who are all like fuck yeah earth day but don’t do simple things like recycling

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I’ve been thinking about selling a bunch of my clothes on Etsy. Everything is thrifted except for the shoes, hat, and tights. Most of the clothes are vintage and thrifted for pretty cheap, probably no more then $5/6 for each item (see through chiffon coverup, orange lace shorts, bohemian long sleeve top, spanish style vest, knee length see through black coverup, white cotton romper, and black lace floor length cardigan). 

hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Food consolidates me. I bring ice cream to my apartment as much as I can afford to because it stops my emotions from bubbling up from having to live with two men. Although I guess I can consider myself lucky because from what I’ve heard from others, living with female roommates tends to be more emotionally demanding then living with males. Key phrase is ‘tends to be’ so that was not a generalization.

Hand stitching is a necessary skill that needs to be taught in school. I’m serious. There are countless times where I’ve been asked to fix up very simple rips, belt loops come undone, and other tiny mishaps. Then not so many people would be throwing away clothes and going out to buy new ones because they couldn’t do a simple repair. 

I’m glad I decided to become a painting and art history major. There’s so much I want to try (sculpting, weaving, wood-working, furniture building, textiles/fibers, glass blowing, screen printing, fashion designing, picking up an instrument again and playing music, installation work, film.….and the list goes on)….but I needed something to ground me. Painting does it for me. It’s a great basis to build myself from. I don’t have the time or money to take all these courses at school but with time I’ll be able to become familiar with the different tools and materials. Creativity and inspiration is always there. I’d love to incorporate science and sustainability into my future works. Neri Oxman is definitely one of my biggest influences (I crush on her big time).

Trying to live a minimalistic life is really hard when you love quirky clothing and all these quirky pieces are not casual every day attire appropriate. At least I’ve reduced my closet in half and donated/consigned most of it. 

Naked yoga.

Feels like I’m asking the universe to penetrate me. 

I’m so happy I’m attending Massart. It’s a chaotic system but in the end it’s worth everything. I am constantly surrounded by creativity and beautiful people. We feed off each other in a mutualistic way. The flow is never ending. 

Playing dress-up and dancing to Tame Impala instead of going to school

Lonerism college life